PU Pouring Machine

PU Pouring Machine LZ-12

PU Pouring Machine LZ-22

PU Pouring Machine LZ-32

Refrigeration board, Small icebox, Door board, Partition board, Roof heat shield, Solar energy thermos box, Thermo cup, Auto & motorcycle seat cushion, Arm rest, Filling type of toy Shoe sole, Fake veneer wood, Beside table.

Material mixing ratio : The wide rang of mixing ratio is easy to adjustment.
Adopt precise rated pump. counting precision, high stability.
Mixing head provides fast mixing even for high viscosity materials.
The multi-selection of constant output device for molds changing and operation to 
    be more easily.
Easy operation, easy maintenance, consistent production quality, and low
    investment cost.
Material tank : SUS304.
Control equipment: Liquid level sensor, unusual stop-injection.
Auto-draw feed system.
Flushing agent unit : Automatic flushing under the programm controlling.